Pre-anaesthetic assessment of the small animal patient (for Nurses)

  • Pre-anaesthetic assessment of the small animal patient (for Nurses)
Supply-dependent oxygen delivery refers to?
Oxygen cylinders on the anaesthetic machine
Saturation of oxygen on haemoglobin
Insufficient oxygen carried within blood flow to a tissue bed
Excessive blood flow of oxygen saturated blood to a tissue bed
What is the minimum PCV acceptable for a cat prior to anaesthesia and surgery?
Following resuscitation with fluid therapy, what should happen to cardiovascular parameters of HR and MAP?
HR reduces and MAP decreases
HR reduces and MAP increases
HR same and MAP increases
HR same and MAP decreases
How quickly should serum sodium abnormalities be corrected?
greater than 1.0mmol/L/hr
less than 0.5mmol/L/hr
less than 0.5mmol/L/day
greater than 0.5mmol/L/min
How long should fasting be for a dog of 6 weeks of age?
no fasting
1-2 hr only
6-12 hrs
24 hrs
What is the mortality of cats that are ASA III-V?
What laboratory test helps to identify abnormalities with platelet function?
Activated clotting time
Buccal mucosal bleeding time
Prothrombin time
Activated partial thromboplastin time
Name three things that can be discovered with cardiac auscultation?
Rate, rhythm and murmur
Perfusion, rhythm, and contractility
Rate, perfusion, contractility
Rate, rhythm and perfusion
Below what level of serum albumin is hypo-albuminaemia?
less than 20g/L
less than 60g/L
less than 15g/L
less than 25g/L
What are the key features of a good pre-anaesthetic assessment in veterinary patients?
Physical examination
Laboratory testing
Diagnostic imaging
All of the above