Maintaining welfare standards during hospitalisation

  • Maintaining welfare standards during hospitalisation
When assessing an animal’s state of welfare or wellbeing, which of the following can we consider in order to ensure we are getting the full picture?
Health and fitness, reproduction state
Freedom from pain, disease, and hunger
Environmental resources, reproduction state
Physical state, physiological state, environmental resources, behaviour
Music therapy can be one way of reducing stress in kennelled dogs. Which genre of music do dogs appear to enjoy most?
Reggae and soft rock
Heavy metal
Pop and jazz
Which of the following statements is NOT correct?
Cortisol levels can rise temporarily during situations such as hunting, or mating and so short term raised cortisol is not always detrimental to an animal’s health
Increases in heart rate and blood pressure help an animal to feel less painful after surgery
Stress can originate when an animal experiences a reduction in predictability of events
Chronic stress and prolonged periods of raised cortisol levels can affect an animal’s health
Buster collar usage can be reduced by:
Considerate clipping and prepping of the surgical site
Appropriate suture tension
Pre, peri and post-operative analgesia
All of the above
The only ‘true analgesia’ available to completely prevent a noxious stimulus signal travelling to the brain is:
‘Scruffing’ a cat only occurs naturally during which 3 occasions for cats:
Being born/licked by mum/during mating
Being born/being carried by mum/during mating
Being carried by mum/ during mating/ during fighting
During mating/ during fighting/ when at the vets
Which of the following measures is NOT a reliable method of measuring pain in dogs?
Increased respiratory rate/panting
Hunched/tense body posture
Growling/guarding on palpation of wound
Licking wound
Based on gastric transit times of dry or solid food, the minimum starving time required for adult cats and dogs prior to surgery is?
4 hours
6 hours
10 hours
12 hours
For which of the following scenarios in an anaesthetised cat would you give more analgesia to, rather than turn up the vapouriser:
Eyes ventral, jaw tone absent, increase in HR and RR, palpebral reflex absent
Eyes ventral, jaw tone present, increase in HR and RR, palpebral reflex present
Eyes central, jaw tone present, moving, vocalising
Eyes central, jaw tone absent, decrease in HR and RR, palpebral reflex absent
Which of the following is NOT correct? A dog that is barking loudly in the kennel may:
Be anxious
Need the toilet
Be trying to ruin your day
Need some human company