Protecting Dogs & Cats from the deadly Tick Paralysis (for nurses)



Protecting Dogs & Cats from the deadly Tick Paralysis (for nurses)

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Referent: Terry King
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This webinar will look at ways to reduce the risk of TP in dogs & cats. These will include use of registered tick preventative products (detail products), check pet daily (technique), reduce exposure to ticks in environment, remove any tick immeditaley & seek veterinary attention. We will also explore clinical signs of TP, a brief overview of diagnostic approach, treatment protocols, and managememt of the complicated patient, home care after veterinary treatment of TP, feline patients - the differences and some tips on ticks.

Recording from 31.10.17

Terry King

Dr Terry King BVSc MANZCVS

Dr Terry King was born and raised in Townsville, North Queensland. He graduated with his Bachelor of Veterinary Science from the University of Queensland in 1975. Over his 19 years in private practice in Brisbane's north western suburbs, Terry accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in small animal practice. After a year's sojourn in the USA and Brisbane's Animal Emergency Centre, Terry joined the University of Queensland Veterinary Teaching Hospital in late 1995 as a medical resident. He went on to become the Director of the Clinic and Hospital in 1997 and again in 2002. Terry joined the team at Veterinary Specialist Services as a Director in 2003. Terry's real passion arises from the emergency side of veterinary practice, particularly the intricacy of understanding and treating the critically ill. He is highly committed to family veterinary medicine, emergency and critical treatment and prolonging the human-animal bond.

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