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Feline Heartworm Disease (for Nurses)

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Referent: Maggie Fisher
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Feline heartworm disease, caused by Dirofilaria immitis worms, is a good example of where a cat is definitely not a small dog. Infection in dogs tends to be better tolerated, the adult worms are more likely to reach patency and diagnosis and treatment are (relatively) easier than in cats. The reasons for these differences, what can be done to ensure cats avoid this infection and measures to take when cats have the infection will be explored in this webinar.

The webinar will also provide an update on heartworm infection in the US, where resistance to heartworm preventives is evolving while researchers seek to understand the factors that led to the genesis of resistance and new solutions, whilst heartworm infection continues to spread.

The implications that climate change may have on the epidemiology of heartworm disease will be explored.

Recording from 19 November 2019

Maggie Fisher

Dr Maggie Fisher BVetMed CBiol FRSB MRQA DipEVPC MRCVS

Dr Maggie Fisher graduated in 1986 from the Royal Veterinary College and now runs three businesses (a Parasitology Consultancy, a CRO/Laboratory and a Veterinary Project Management Facility). Dr Fisher has been active in the establishment and advancement of a number of animal health associations including WAAVP, EVPC, AVC and ESCCAP.

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