Transfusion Medicine – not just for the faint hearted

  • Transfusion Medicine – not just for the faint hearted
How soon must whole blood be given to a patient to ensure all blood clotting factors and platelets are present
Within 1 day
Within 5 hours
Within 8 hours
Which of these products must be stored in the fridge
Fresh frozen plasma
Packed red blood cells
Which of these is not an indication for transfusion
Rat bait toxicity
A dog presents for a blood transfusion, but when questioning the owner, they can remember that the animal had a blood transfusion 2 years earlier. What should you do?
Give the transfusion straight away.
Perform a crossmatch between the donor and recipient
Use packed red blood cells only
Don’t give a transfusion
A cat requires a blood transfusion after eating rat bait 5 days earlier. Which of these is incorrect:
The cat should be blood typed prior to transfusion
The donor should have screening bloods prior to donating blood
Rat bait is not an indicator for blood transfusion
A full history must be obtained prior to transfusion
Which of these is an ideal blood donor
A 10kg healthy dog with up to date vaccinations
A 7kg cat up to date with vaccinations and PCV >30%
A 25kg dog, in good health, up to date with vaccinations, that donated 1 week ago
A clients 40kg dog with no known history
How should fresh frozen plasma be prepared prior to infusion
Low heat in the microwave for 3 minutes
Place in boiling water for 2 minutes
Warm slowly in a warm water bath
Plasma doesn’t need to be prepared
Which items are required for a blood transfusion to a patient
a. A 170-180um filter
b. Fluid pump
c. A new sterile fluid line
d. Both a and c
What is the maximum time a blood transfusion can be given over
8 hours
3 hours
No time restriction
4 hours
Which observation during a blood product transfusion should the vet be notified of:
Facial swelling
All of the above