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Copyright Agreement for webinars added to the Greencross Veterinary Learning Hub.

To whom it may concern,

thank you very much for uploading the information required to add a webinar to the Greencross Veterinary Learning Hub.

Please fill in the form below and make sure to supply us with all the required details.

By submitting this form you grant vet-webinar the right to host and distribute the recorded version of the webinar outlined below (including the right to adaptation, especially to delete not necessary parts of the recordings, e.g. questions or introduction etc). You furthermore confirm that the provided material complies with all copyright and legal requirements. vet-webinar will not accept any liability for infringements. Comparisons in regards to this rule can be found in the vet-webinar customer conditions. vet-webinar will make use of this right only to cut out not-needed sequences of the presentation like the introduction or questions of the attendees, if necessary/requested. The content of the presentation will not be changed.