Terms and conditions

1. In General
These general terms and conditions ("GTC“) are an integral component of all agreements concluded between vet-webinar.com and customers/clients/participants. vet-webinar.com fullfills its services exclusively on the basis of these terms and conditions, so that contrary declarations of the partner to the agreement, even if reference is made to its own terms and conditions, are deemed ineffective and do not become terms of the contract regardless of whether vet-webinar.com does not expressly contradict such contrary declarations.

2. Continuing education/registration terms
Registration to continuing education events is made by filling out an online form. Upon receipt of both the registration and payment (per Paypal or credit card), the customer will be sent a confirmation of registration as well as a bill per e-mail. We ask for your understanding that the number of possible participants is limited and that the allocation of seminar spaces is effected in the order of payment. 

3. Payment terms
The registration fee is due immediately upon registration. Registration is binding upon receipt of the confirmation of registration. A space is guaranteed upon receipt of the course fee on the bank account of vet-webinar.com.

4. Prices
Unless expressly stated otherwise, all prices listed by us are excluding VAT. Upon invoicing, the statutory VAT will be added to these prices. Offers are valid for a period of 60 days of the date of offer. vet-webinar.com reserves the right, at its own descretion, to implement milestone billing for agreements entailing partial performance. All payments are due immediately without any deductions. In case of default in payment, the customer is obligated to pay default interest of 8% above the basic interest rate applicable on the due date. vet-webinar.com reserves the right, in addition, to claim damages and to charge late fees for every payment reminder in the amount of € 50.00, whereas it is expressly agreed upon that vet-webinar.com is entitled to claim collection fees exceeding this amount.

5. Cancellation
Cancellation of registration can only be accepted in written form. Every cancellation is subject to an administrative fee of € 30.00. Up to 21 days prior to course begin, we will refund the registration fee minus the administrative fee; up to 10 days prior to course begin: 60% of the registration fee; whereafter no refunds will be made.  We do accept substitute participants without further charge.

6. Continuing education/changes in programme
vet-webinar.com reserves the right to make changes in the course programme. We ask for your understanding that, in the case of changes in the programme, cancellation by or substitution of lecturers, there is no entitlement to reimbursement of the registration fee. Cancellation or postponement of the event on the part of vet-webinar.com for good cause (e.g. sudden illness of the lecturer) does not give rise to claims for damages or the right to reimbursement of the registration fee.

7. Copyright
The content of all materials of courses or other services (in particular, course and continuing education materials, offers, reports, analyses, expert opinions, organisational plans, programmes, performance reports, drafts, calculations, drawings, data carriers, etc.) is and remains the sole intellectual property of vet-webinar.com or the lecturer, respectively. Duplication (even for internal company purposes) is only permissible upon express, written authorisation by vet-webinar.com. Alle data carriers remain the property of vet-webinar.com. In the case of a violation of these stipulations, the customer shall pay to vet-webinar.com a royalty which is to be based upon the here agreed upon fee. Furthermore, the client shall pay vet-webinar.com a penalty not subject to judicial mitigation in the amount of the negotiated annual fee for each individual order. Vet-webinar.com expressly reserves the right to claim further damages.

8. Data protection
The disclosure of all personal and business data on part of the user of the website or services of vet-webinar.com occurs on an expressly voluntary basis. Third party use of the contact details of vet-webinar.com displayed on this website such as postal address, telephone and fax numbers as well as e-mail addresses for the purpose of transmitting information not expressly requested, is prohibited. Vet-webinar.com expressly reserves the right to take legal action against the senders of so-called spam mails in the case of violation of this prohibition. The user agrees to the electronic processing of his/her data. The customer declares that he/she shall only disclose data regulated under the Data Protection Act to vet-webinar.com in order to fullfill the contractually negotiated purpose insofar as these data are not contrary to the legitimate interests of third parties. vet-webinar.com is under no obligation to examine the admissibility of the use of these data. The customer shall indemnify vet-webinar.com in respect to any third party claims. 

9. Liability
vet-webinar.com is committed to rendering its services with the due diligence of a proper business. Liability for simple negligence is precluded by mutual agreement. Liability on the part of vet-webinar.com for damages for which vet-webinar.com is responsible is limited to the total amount of the agreed upon fee for the respective indivitual order. vet-webinar.com shall assume no liability for consequential damage. vet-webinar.com must immediately be notified by the customer in writing of any errors or shortcomings, as otherwise the claim shall be forfeited. The parties to the contract mutually agree that claims for shortcomings may only be asserted within six months of delivery under exclusion of any other claims, regardless of what legal grounds the customer bases them on. Upon conclusion of this period, the claim shall expire, so that corresponding pleas are precluded. vet-webinar.com is obligated to rectify any shortcomings by means of improvement or provision of that missing. The customer can only demand rescission or price reduction if vet-webinar.com either refuses improvement in writing without reason or the third attempt at improvement fails. The customer is obligated to immediately inform vet-webinar.com in writing if the customer is confronted with warranty claims of third parties in connection with this agreement, otherwise these claims shall be forfeited.

10. Miscellaneous
All agreements between the parties to the contract are governed exclusively by Austrian substantive law excluding the rules of conflict of laws. The contract parties agree on the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent Court of Vienna, Inner City, for any and all disputes arising from this agreement or its breach, dissolution or nullity.

The customer agrees to inform vet-webinar.com immediately in writing of any changes in his/her delivery address. Legally relevant declarations are to be delivered to the last known address of the customer. Thus, delivery shall be deemed to have been effected even if the contractual partner has moved without disclosing his/her new address.

Should invidual provisions of this contract be or become invalid, such invalidity shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the contract. Invalid or void provisions are to be interpreted such that commercial and legal purposes are met. Secondarily, the parties to the contract agree to replace invalid provisions with valid provisions which attain or come as close as possible to the intended legal and commercial purpose.