Addison’s - make your patients thrive, not just survive



Addison’s - make your patients thrive, not just survive

Duration: 1:03 h
Speaker: Stijn Niessen
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Most veterinarians have diagnosed and managed dogs with Addison’s; but did you know that >90% of us are not maximising the quality of life and longevity of this patient population? Did you know that prednisolone is one of the worst drugs to use for supplementation? Did you know that DOCP starting dosages are too high in >90% of patients? Did you know that a flatline ACTH stimulation test is not always diagnostic? And did you know that atypical Addison’s is likely heavily underdiagnosed? These topics, as well as other ones, will be discussed by Professor Stijn Niessen during this state of the art webinar on hypoadrenocorticism (or do we call it Addison’s?). Attendance of the webinar should ensure your current and future patients do not only survive, but will truly thrive. In the process survival times will be lengthened without you even have realised we were shortening it through common out-dated management practices.

Recording from 24 March 2021

This webinar has been approved for 1 hour of continuing education credit in jurisdictions that recognize RACE approval. 

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Stijn Niessen

Dr Stijn Niessen DVM PhD DipECVIM-CA MRCVS

Stijn is from the Netherlands and graduated from Ghent University,Belgium. He completed a small animal  internship at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, followed by a Small Animal Internal Medicine Residency at the Royal Veterinary College. He then studied for a PhD in Diabetes Mellitus and Gene Therapy at the RVC and the Medical School in Newcastle, before becoming, lecturer and ultimately Professor in Internal Medicine at the Royal Veterinary College. 
He has published >80 peer reviewed articles, lectured worldwide, was granted awards for “Excellence in the advancement of Endocrinology” and has been President of the European Society of Veterinary Endocrinology (
Stijn has pioneered a number of endocrinology clinics including a dedicated Acromegalic Cat Clinic, Hypophysectomy Clinic and Diabetic Remission Clinic ( He is also creator of the free Pet Diabetes App, which helps vets and owners manage and communicate about pet diabetes (;
Stijn has recently co-founded the Veterinary Mentorship Academy within the Veterinary Information Network ( providing novel ways to support colleague veterinarians to find their professional happy spot, including a Virtual Veterinary Internship. He also practices as an internist in referral practice in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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