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How to Approach Avian Emergencies

Duration: 0:39 h
Speaker: Kelly Giles
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This webinar aims to provide veterinarians with the information to triage, manage and treat parrots that present as emergencies. Parrots commonly present as emergencies due to their preservation reflex, which, like many prey species, means they hide signs of illness until they are critically unwell. These parrots often present with dyspnea, severe lethargy, dehydration and anorexia and it can be confronting for owners to realise just how unwell their pets are. Managing the expectations of these owners and their critically ill pets is what this webinar will aim to cover.

Recording from 20 April 2023

Kelly Giles

Kelly Giles, BSc BVMS MANZCVS (Avian Medicine & Surgery)

Dr Kelly graduated from Murdoch University in 2016 and has worked exclusively in exotic veterinary medicine since. She received her membership qualification in Avian Medicine and Surgery in 2022. She currently works at The Unusual Pet Vets and has a special interest in avian and aquatic medicine. In her spare time, Dr Kelly lectures at Murdoch University and works with the Aquarium of Western Australia (AWQA). She is owned by a menagerie of animals, including two pet turtles, a range of tropical fish and three guinea pigs.

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