The importance of self-care in the veterinary profession (for Nurses)

Duration: 1:02 h
Speaker: Nadine Hamilton
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The veterinary profession has a high rate of burnout and suicide, to which many factors contribute. This webinar will look at what research has shown to be the top five factors affecting veterinary professionals, and what can be done about it. It will also address the importance of good nutrition, exercise, sleep hygiene, as well as why self-care should be a priority to try and combat the often negative side-effects of working within the veterinary industry.

Recording from 10 June 2020

Nadine Hamilton

Dr Nadine Hamilton, Bachelor of Science (Psych) Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology, Master of Training & Development Doctor of Education

Dr Hamilton helps veterinary professionals get on top of stress and conflict to avoid burnout and suicide, and also works with practice managers and owners to increase wellbeing, productivity, and retention in the workplace.
After failing every one of her exams at high school she decided to join the workforce at the age of 15. While she has always been passionate about animals, she learnt very early on that she was way too queasy to become a veterinarian - plus she didn't think it would be possible because of her failure at high school. She knew there was 'something' about euthanaising pets that would be very distressing for veterinary professionals, and in a strange twist of fate, found herself researching this indepth at doctoral level....
Way back in 1996 when she was searching for her 'calling' and had decided to apply to study psychology at university, one of her cousins tragically killed himself. It was at that moment she knew she wanted to work with people who were suicidal, however, she still had that yearning to be involved with the veterinary industry. A chance encounter with a locum veterinarian at her local veterinary practice around 2006 was a pivotal moment – when the veterinarian mentioned the high suicide rate within the veterinary profession. That was all the motivation Dr Hamilton needed to get proactive and do something about it!
Since then Dr Hamilton has successfully completed doctoral research into veterinarian wellbeing, and is the proud founder of the "Love Your Pet Love Your Vet" charity, in which she partnered with Royal Canin to raise awareness about the issues within the veterinary industry. She is also completing PhD studies to further research stress, burnout, and suicide within the veterinary profession. Dr Hamilton works tirelessly to advocate for veterinary wellbeing and the paradigm shift she believes is needed in order to facilitate positive change within the profession.
Dr Hamilton is the author of “Coping with Stress and Burnout as a Veterinarian”, published by Australian Academic Press and released in February 2019.

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