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Understanding the Second Sensitive Period in Dogs

Duration: 0:53 h
Speaker: Bronwen Bollaert
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As dogs develop, there are certain times when they are more sensitive to social and environmental influences. Many vet professionals are aware of the early sensitive period for puppies, but some are less aware of the significance of later developmental stages. Dr Bronwen will discuss when this occurs, why it is significant, what can go wrong, and how we can help young dogs develop into more comfortable and confident adult dogs.

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Bronwen Bollaert

Dr Bronwen Bollaert, BVSc, MSc, MANZCVS (Veterinary Behaviour)

Dr Bronwen completed her undergraduate veterinary training at Onderstepoort, University of Pretoria, in South Africa. Over several years she worked in small animal private practice, the Johannesburg SPCA and the Johannesburg Zoological Gardens. During her time at the JHB Zoo, Bronwen also undertook research into infectious disease in African Buffalo and completed her Master of Veterinary Science Degree by dissertation. In 2008 Dr Bronwen emigrated to Australia and returned to small animal practice whilst building additional skills in Veterinary Behaviour. Since then, Dr Bronwen has become a Member of the Veterinary Behaviour Chapter of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Science, has been the ANZCVS Science Week convenor and is the current President-elect for the Chapter. Dr Bronwen advises on an Expert Advisory Panel developing gold standard training curricula for dog trainers. Dr Bronwen owns and runs Healthy Pet Behaviour Services, providing behavioural medicine services to the Greater Brisbane area, and Healthy Pet Mobile Vet, a GP house call service in Brisbane’s North. She is actively involved in promoting awareness of mental health in animals and is excited to be able to play a part in educating clients, colleagues and the greater community about this fascinating field.

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