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Top 10 Tips for Feline Friendly Veterinary Visits

Duration: 1:09 h
Speaker: Gabby Lawson
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The webinar covers the various aspects of a cat's visit to the veterinary clinic, and provides practical strategies to minimise fear, anxiety, and stress. These include promoting positive associations with the cat carrier, reducing transportation stress, managing the waiting room environment, creating feline-friendly consultation rooms, employing gentle handling techniques, feline enrichment, and other tips to reduce stressful visits for cats, clients, and the veterinary team.

This webinar is sponsored by Stress Free Pets 

Recording from 28 May 2024


Gabby Lawson

Gabby Lawson BVsc (hons) MSc ISFM AdvCertFB 


Gabby Lawson is an Australian veterinarian that graduated from the University of Queensland in 2001. She spent several years working in mixed practice in New Zealand and the UK before returning to her hometown of Hobart, Tasmania in 2010. For the last 9 years she has been working Hobart Community Veterinary Hospital, a not-for-profit small animal community clinic as well as The Cat Clinic Hobart, an ISFM gold accredited cat only veterinary clinic. In 2016 she completed the ISFM feline distance education course, and in 2017 graduated from University of Edinburgh with a Masters in International Animal Welfare Ethic & Law. She recently completed the ISFM Advanced feline behaviour for professionals’ certificate.
Gabby is also the lead vet for the Hobart regional branch of Pets in the Park, a volunteer run charity dedicated to providing free veterinary services for the companion animals of the homeless.

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