Its an intestinal foreign body, now what? Tips for approaching gastrointestinal surgery with confidence



Its an intestinal foreign body, now what? Tips for approaching gastrointestinal surgery with confidence

Duration: 0:55 h
Speaker: Bronwyn Fullagar
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Gastrointestinal foreign bodies can be some of the most rewarding surgical emergency cases, but the potential for serious complications can make these cases daunting! In this webinar, we will discuss surgical techniques for foreign body retrieval at each level of the GI tract (gastrotomy, enterotomy, intestinal resection-anastomosis), as well as some practical tips for managing linear foreign bodies in dogs and cats. Using a case study format and step by step instructions with plenty of images, we will focus on preoperative stabilization, intraoperative decision making and postoperative care, to maximize the chances of successful intestinal healing. The goal is to improve your skills in patient assessment and your confidence in the OR, so that you can sleep at night after your next foreign body surgery!

Recording from 19 May 2021

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Bronwyn Fullagar

Bronwyn Fullagar BVSc, MS, DACVS-SA. Veterinary surgeon 

Dr Bronwyn Fullagar is a specialist small animal surgeon based in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. She grew up in Brisbane, Australia and graduated from the University of Queensland in 2007 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science. After working in mixed and small animal general practice in Australia and the United Kingdom, she moved to Calgary, Alberta in 2011 to undertake a rotating small animal internship. Bronwyn went on to complete a residency in small animal surgery and a Master of Science degree at the Ohio State University. She returned to Canada and was awarded Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons in 2016. Since then, Bronwyn has worked as a specialist small animal surgeon in Canada, Australia and the United States, and has volunteered as a surgical instructor for World Vets and the Worldwide Veterinary Service. At work, she enjoys challenging soft tissue surgery cases and she loves to share her enthusiasm for surgery, helping veterinary students and practicing vets to boost their expertise and confidence. When she’s not in the clinic, you can find her in the mountains, trail running with her dog, mountain biking or backcountry skiing.

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