What’s new in EGUS? ESGD vs. EGGD


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What’s new in EGUS? ESGD vs. EGGD

15.09.2021 (UTC)
10:00 - 11:00 (UTC)
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Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) is a common disease condition of the horse.  The recently highlighted distinction between squamous and glandular disease has resulted in an increased awareness of the need for syndrome specific diagnostic, therapeutic, and prevention strategies.  It has also resulted in an increased awareness of the risk of EGUS in populations that would typically be considered at lower risk.  The purpose of this talk is to review the nomenclature of EGUS, risk factors for Equine Squamous Gastric Disease (ESGD) and Equine Glandular Gastric Disease (EGGD), and the diagnostic evaluation and management of disease.  The utility of a range of diagnostic tests such as mucosal biopsy will be discussed.  The effectiveness of both conventional and alternative therapeutic strategies will be reviewed alongside non-pharmaceutical strategies for prevention of disease recurrence.

This webinar is sponsored by: SVS Pathology Network  

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Ben Sykes

Dr Ben Sykes BSc, BVMS, MS, MBA, Dip ACVIM, Dip ECEIM, PhD.

Ben is a 1997 Murdoch graduate.  After graduation he completed an internship at Randwick Equine Centre and a residency at the Marion duPont Equine Medical Centre in Virginia, USA.  He is boarded with both the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in large animal internal medicine and the European College of Equine Internal Medicine in equine internal medicine.  Ben has a strong interest in clinical research and his research has focused on gastrointestinal diseases of the horse with a specific focus on equine gastric ulcer syndrome.  He was the lead author on the 2015 ECEIM consensus statement of EGUS in Adult Horses and is a regular speaker at international conferences on subjects relating to GI health of the horse.

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