Obesity in cats - it's not just about what they eat! Alexandra Taylor | Default



Obesity in cats - it's not just about what they eat!

Duration: 0:55 h
Speaker: Alexandra Taylor
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Key learning outcomes:

  • List which cats are most at risk of developing obesity
  • Explain the natural hunting and feeding behaviours of the domestic cat and why they are important
  • Recognise the link between obese cats and their owner’s emotions, beliefs, behaviours and lifestyle
  • Explain why the behavioural management of obesity in cats is so important


Gemäß Weiterbildungsreglement für TPA ist dieses Webinar mit 1 Bildungsstunde anerkannt und wird von der Schweizerischen Vereinigung der TPA (VSTPA) sowie der Gesellschaft Schweizer Tierärztinnen und Tierärzte (GST) als Weiterbildung für TPA angerechnet.

Alexandra Taylor

Alexandra Taylor, RVN CertSAN ISFMDipFN & AdvCertFB

Alex qualified as a veterinary nurse in 1997 and has completed the ISFM feline nursing certificate, diploma and advanced certificate in feline behaviour. In 2023 Alex passed the advanced diploma in applied animal behaviour (feline) level 5 and is currently studying towards gaining the ABT (Animal Behaviour Technician) qualification. Alex works for International Cat Care as the Cat Wellbeing and Behaviour Advisor and as a self-employed lecturer and writer on feline nursing, behaviour and wellbeing. Alex is a member of the International Cat Care Feline Wellbeing Panel and has provided information about feline wellbeing to cat caregivers through her social media platforms under the name ‘The Cat Nurse’ since 2015.

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