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What is new in tick paralysis 2017

Duration: 0:51 h
Speaker: Rob Webster
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The last 12 months have seen refinements in the management of tick paralysis, and release of new options for tick prevention for pets. I will take the audience through the Guide to Diagnosis, Management, Treatment and Prevention of Tick Paralysis which was authored by the Australian Paralysis Tick Advisory Panel in 2016. This document was a collaborative effort of veterinarians in general and specialist practice, academia and industry which provides a consensus for current treatment of dogs and cats with tick paralysis. I have also been involved in a large- scale study of tick paralysis management of cats, and have already changed some of the ways I approach these patients. I will share some of the insights with the audience, as well as revising the big picture of what we are trying to achieve in tick paralysis management.

Recording from 09.08.2017

Rob Webster

Rob Webster BVSc (hons) FANZCVS (emergency medicine and critical care)

Rob Webster graduated from The University of Queensland in 2000. He went straight into emergency practice at the Animal Emergency Centre in Brisbane and never left! Rob embarked on a training program in emergency medicine and critical care under the guidance of Prof Steve Haskins in 2006. As well as studying towards his Australian certification, Rob started the Animal Emergency Service in 2005. Rob passed the fellowship examinations and registered as a veterinary specialist in 2014. Animal Emergency Service currently has 5 practices on The Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and Perth. Robs clinical interests are mechanical ventilation and critical care of patients with tick paralysis (Ixodes holocyclus).

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