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Basic surgical procedures

Duration: 1:01 h
Speaker: Tania Banks
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Abdominal surgery requires knowledge of appropriate anatomy and tissue handling, appropriate surgical training and guidance, surgical techniques, appropriate instrumentation and peri-operative management and care. Appropriate surgical training and guidance, in addition to up-to-date knowledge of anatomy, pathophysiology, and surgical methods, with close adherence to Halstead’s surgical methods, will all contribute to a successful surgical outcome.

Recording from 25.07.2018

Tania Banks

Tania Banks BVSc FANZCVSC (Small Animal Surgery) GCHEd PhD Specialist Small Animal Surgery

Tania is a Registered Specialist in Small Animal Surgery having obtained Fellowship of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Surgeons in 2005.  Tania has 20 years experience at a Veterinarian and has practiced as a specialist surgeon at various referral centers in England and Brisbane. She recently completed a PhD in Tissue Engineering and was also a lecturer and clinician at The University of Queensland Small Animal Hospital. Tania has recently taken up a position as a surgical consultant at Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Wagga Wagga. Tania performs all aspects of small animal surgery, and has experience with managing more complicated abdominal surgery cases.

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