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Snake envenomation of companion animals

Duration: 0:58 h
Speaker: Peter Best
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The presentations presents a summary of some the clinically pertinent literature since 2000 on Australian snake envenomation as well as information gained from our clinical experience. There are fascinating new developments in the treatment of snake envenomation. Many conclusions from the literature and our own clinical practice remain largely consistent with those of the review and clinic observations I wrote for the University of Sydney Post Graduate Committee in Veterinary Science Toxicology course held in 1999 (“Snake Envenomation of Companion Animals”), but there are some notable evidenced based changes. The PDF of this 2017 presentation will be available for download as is a protocol for the treatment of the snake envenomated patients.

Recording from 27.07.2017

Peter Best

Dr Peter Best

Peter graduated in veterinary science in 1976, completed a Diploma in Veterinary Anaesthesia at the University of Sydney in 1977 and the Fellowship of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists in 1982. Peter is a registered specialist in Veterinary Anaesthesiology and is held in high regard by the veterinary profession for his surgical ability. Peter's clinical skill was acknowledged by the Australian Veterinary Association by his appointment as "Small Animal Practitioner of the Year" in 1991. An avid reader of the scientific journal "Nature", Peter's brain has continued to expand to the point where it has displaced most of the hair from the front of his head! Although now retired, Peter is still well known and active in both the industry and local community.

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