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Dietary support for gastrointestinal diseases

Duration: 1:02 h
Speaker: Nick Cave
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No other organ system is so immediately and profoundly affected by diet than the gastrointestinal tract, and there are few acute or chronic diseases where dietary manipulation is not an important component of the diagnostic approach and management. This webinar will provide an update on feeding trials as a diagnostic tool, how key dietary components interact with the GI tract, the impact of diet on the bacteriome, and will discuss the specific management of some key diseases including pancreatitis, constipation, and severe gastroenteritis.

Recording from 28.02.2018

Nick Cave


Nick Cave graduated from Massey University (NZ) in 1990 with a BVSc, and worked in general practice for 6 years until 1997, when he returned to Massey for a residency in small animal internal medicine, and attained membership in the Australasian College of Veterinary Scientists by examination, and graduated with a Masters in Veterinary Science in 2000. In 2004 he moved to the University of California, Davis, where he attained a PhD in nutrition and immunology. At the same time, he completed a residency in small animal clinical nutrition, and became a diplomate in the American College of Veterinary Nutrition by examination in 2004. In late 2005, he returned to Massey University to lecture in small animal medicine and nutrition. He is a founding member of the WSAVA Global Nutrition Committee, and a founding board member for the Massey University Centre for Working Dogs. He has served on the editorial board for Veterinary Quarterly, has authored more than 40 peer-reviewed articles, several textbook chapters, and is a frequent commentator in public media.

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