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Scrambled or poached? Urogenital Disease in Pet Birds

Duration: 0:49 h
Speaker: Pat Macwhirter
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Birds’ urogenital organs reflect their ‘flying dinosaur’ ancestry with reptilian features (such as egg laying and urecotelic waste disposal) being adapted to ‘lighten the load’ and facilitate flight. Understanding such unique features helps to make sense of urogenital disease in avian patients and aids diagnosis and treatment of everyday clinic issues such as egg binding, abnormal egg formation, egg yolk related peritonitis, cloacal disorders, urolithiasis and gout.

Recording from 09.01.2018

Pat Macwhirter

Pat Macwhirter BVSc(Hons), MA, PhD,MANZCVSc (Canine Medicine), FANZCVSc (Bird Medicine)

Pat was a pioneer in pet bird medicine, being the second person in Australia to become a registered specialist in the field. She established her clinic, Bird Vet Melbourne in 1981, sold it in 2015 and now works with fellow bird vet Dr Matt Gosbell at Greencross Vets, Springvale. She has a fascination with connections between birds, animals, nature and people and how these have influenced ‘big history’. She has kept birds most of her life, owns ‘Harewood’ a remarkable heritage property and, along with her vet degree, holds a PhD in Australian evolutionary history.

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